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    SuperFOIL SF19+ Insulation

    Rundle & Dorey Ltd now exclusively use SuperFOIL SF19+ insulation.

    SuperFOIL SF19+ is a 2-in-1 Insulation blanket and Radiant barrier for conservatory roofs. SF19+ offers high thermal insulation in a 45mm, flexible, multi-layer membrane.


    • BBA (British Board of Agreement) Certified Performance
    • LABC Registered Details
    • NHBC Accepted
    • High Thermal Resistance of 2.58m2K/W
    • Class E Fire Resistance
    • Air and Vapour Tight
    • Effective solar over-heating/heat loss barrier

    SuperFOIL offers the highest performing multi-foil on the market!

    How does SuperFOIL SF19+ Work?

    SuperFOIL SF19+, special composition of 19 multi-layers of reflective and thermal insulation, effectively deals with all forms of energy transfer (i.e. conduction, convection, and radiation).

    SuperFOIL SF19+ is a multi-layer, flexible insulation that acts wonderfully as a thermal, vapour and air barrier, helping keep your conservatory warm in winter and cooler in summer whatever the weather.

    Low U-Values and High Thermal Performance

    You can expect U values as low as 1.61 w/m2K and a thermal performance of 2.58m2K/w.  Simply put, this means you can expect a significant drop in heat loss, and a significant drop in heat gain from sunlight. This means that you will also benefit from reduced energy bills.

    Keeps Your Home Warm in the Winter and Cool in the Summer

    As we’ve already mentioned above, SuperFOIL SF19+ insulation is one of the best ways to maintain a comfortable temperature in your conservatory. Conservatories are renowned for creating temperature extremes and this often means they are used far less as a result – what a lot of wasted space.

    Having conservatory insulation installed helps keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer by maintaining a comfortable temperature, whatever the weather. Enjoy a conservatory space you can use all year round with the addition of SuperFOIL insulation.

    A space-saving insulation solution

    Conservatory insulation can take up a lot of space, especially if using insulating materials such as glass fibre. However, SuperFOIL SF19+ is a significant space-saver. A compact multi-layer insulator, SF19+ has been specially designed to take up less space. So, it’s the perfect choice for your conservatory if you do not want a completely new roof to be installed.

    SuperFOIL SF19+ Increases the life of your conservatory

    Uninsulated conservatories often find that over time they start to develop mould and mildew around the window panes and door edges. The reason for this is often because uninsulated conservatory temperatures fluctuate significantly. Fluctuating from hot to cold can cause moisture build-up and mould formation, causing your conservatory to become damaged over time.

    Having an insulated conservatory significantly reduces the likelihood of this problem by maintaining a comfortable temperature and protecting your conservatory from the elements.


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    We guarantee the work that we undertake to be of the very highest standard and should any fault develop in our workmanship or materials within 10 years of installation, then we will return to the customer and fully correct it.

    We are delighted with the work by Rundle and Dorey and will be happy to send you a few photos from our phone. – J.R. Suffolk
    We are so glad we transformed ours, the conservatory is now a place that is always used not shut off because of the cold. – J.W. Essex
    Thank you so much. Having the roof insulated was one of the best home improvements I have ever made. – M.P. Bournemouth
    I just wanted to tell you how pleased we are with our new conservatory ceiling insulation it is wonderful and so comfortable to sit in now. I will recommend you to all of my friends. – Mrs W.N Aylesbury