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    Rundle and Dorey
    Conservatory Roof Insulation

    Conservatory ceiling insulation by Rundle & Dorey will give you back your dream of a beautiful living space that can be used all year round…just like every other room in your home.

    We doubt that there is a type or size of conservatory that we have not successfully made into a thermally efficient space. When it comes to conservatory roof insulation or conservatory ceiling insulation we really do have the expertise to ensure a totally efficient installation to every type of conservatory.

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    Rundle and Dorey

    Conservatories are not like other buildings, so it really won’t do to treat them in the same way that you would any other building section of your home.

    Your conservatory is constantly “on the move” due to the rapid expansion and contraction caused by both interior and exterior temperature changes and the fact that many are constructed largely of aluminium which has one of the fastest rates of linear expansion of all metals.

    Condensation is also a major factor which needs to be carefully considered and compensated for.


    Fortunately, our conservatory roof insulation process takes into account all of these factors.

    Our surveyor will explain thoroughly the different processes of a conservatory roof insulation installation from start to finish and show you photos every step of the way on an iPad so that you can see exactly what is involved in a full thermal installation.

    Rest assured that we only use the finest products and materials available for your conservatory roof insulation with the highest proven performance data so that your new ceiling results in the lowest possible U values achievable.

    We follow exactly the contours of your roof which means that the same feeling of space and light is maintained once your new conservatory ceiling insulation has been installed.

    The 19 multi-layer Superquilt we use, acts as a thermal barrier in winter instead of allowing your warmth to go out through the roof like an invisible open window. In the summer it acts as a very effective solar over-heating barrier preventing the uncomfortable build up of heat in your home.

    Superquilt is also very lightweight at only 880g per m2 and all of the other materials used are well within the maximum stress factor so no need to worry about extra weight on the roof with one of our conservatory roof insulation systems.

    With the combination of all of the layers of insulation incorporated into your new conservatory roof insulation system you can expect U values as low as 1.61 w/m2K and thermal performance of 2.71m2K/w.

    Rundle and Dorey

    You will love the look of your new vaulted ceiling which with its’ plastered finish, will beautifully match the ceilings in the rest of your home.

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    Rundle and Dorey


    Over 20 years of experience within the conservatory shading and insulation industry.


    Trusted Guarantee

    Our guarantee is underwritten by one of the UK’s most trusted guarantee underwriters who are themselves regulated by the Financial Services Agency



    We guarantee the insulation work that we undertake to be of the very highest standard and should any fault develop in our workmanship or materials within 10 years of installation, then we will return to the customer and fully correct it.

    We are delighted with the work on our conservatory insulation and will be very to send you a few photos from our phone. – J.R. Suffolk
    We are so glad we transformed ours, the conservatory is now a place that is always used not shut off because of the cold. – J.W. Essex
    Thank you so much. I love my conservatory now that I can use it. Having the roof insulated was one of the best home improvements I have ever made. – M.P. Bournemouth
    I just wanted to tell you how pleased we are with our new conservatory ceiling insulation it is wonderful and so comfortable to sit in now. I will recommend you to all of my friends. – Mrs W.N Aylesbury