Wow! what a Whopper!

We have been fitting an insulated conservatory ceiling to a nursing home this week. Nursing homes often have conservatories and they tend to be quite a bit larger than the average domestic conservatory.

The old folk seem to love the conservatory so it really makes sense to ensure that it can be used all year round.

We had quite a job to stop some of the residents from joining us while we were working. I’m not sure what Health& Safety would say if we started to let senior citizens climb up our ladders.

While we were working, I started to wonder just how big the biggest conservatory might be. So when I got home I went on-line to find out.

Turns out that it is quite large…….Very large actually.

15,590 square meters large

Of course it is not a usual design..very experimental and very impressive.


Hey Eden Project….Let me know if you need an insulated ceiling……But I’ll need a bigger van!!!

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