Never Mind Sleeper Trains – I need a Sleeper Van

Although I have never used a sleeper car on a train, it sounds like a really good way to travel.

We travel a lot of miles between customers or between home and the customer.

Often it is necessary to stay in a hotel or lodgings because the next job is closer to the last job than it is to go home – such is the life of a conservatory ceiling insulator.

We like to start each new job at 8.30 am sharp and that can be a tall order given the distance we sometimes have to travel and the road conditions in general.

It occurred to me the other day that if we had a double decker van with bedroom upstairs, then I could be driven through the night and arrive promptly at 8.30 am totally refreshed and relaxed.

I did mention it to the boss but he did not see the practicality.

I will persist.

In the meantime I am working on a breakfast car that attaches to the van. Not sure yet how that idea will be received in the world of conservatory roof insulation specialists.


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