Insulating the World’s Biggest Conservatory

It was a surprise to find out that the biggest conservatory in the world is actually here in on our very own shores…the Eden Project in Cornwall.

The Eden project was built on an old clay mine by a team of horticulturalists. It’s a structure of three separate conservatories, or Biomes as they are calling them. Built using tubular steel to form a frame and glazed with ETFE (ethyltetrafluoroethylene) hexagonal panels.

The biggest of these three conservatories is the rainforest area which is big enough to fit the Tower of London and houses an epic array of lush tropical plants and is kept at a toasty 18–35°C.

So how do they insulate this massive conservatory?

For the most part the whole site gets the bulk of it’s insulation and energy efficiency through its glazing method. The ETFE used is a type of plastic polymer similar to Teflon which has excellent high light transmission properties, it also only has 1% of the weight of glass, so perfect for large structures.

The ETFE in The Eden Project was made into pillows with layers of air pumped between them, providing excellent insulation without effecting the sunlight that passes through.

It’s rare for Rundle & Dorey to turn down a project, but think the Eden project may have just been out of scope! Get in touch if you have a conservatory slightly smaller than the Eden project!

Insulating the world's biggest conservatory