How to insulate a conservatory roof

Conservatories are the go-to extension to add space and value to your home. The problem is that most people get them fitted in the spring and don’t consider how the coming heat of summer and cold of winter will drastically effect the temperature in the conservatory.

Then of course all this happens at once. The conservatory is far too hot to enjoy in the summer, it becomes a micro greenhouse. Then winter comes round and just opening the conservatory door releases a wave of cold air into the rest of the house..not pleasant.

Insulating your conservatory will ensure it becomes a much more valuable and usable space. Don’t worry if your conservatory is already built, insulation can be fitted at any time.

About 25% of all the heat in your conservatory can escape through the roof, this makes it normally the very first step in shoring up your extension.

One of our recent conservatory roof insulationsConservatory roof’s can be insulated by adding a layer of insulation between the rafters and then hiding this behind a new false ceiling, leaving a much more comfortable warm space to enjoy. Do ensure you use a professional company to fit this system, we have heard of some horror stories involving condensation and damp destroying the newly fitted roof!

If the idea of a new ceiling doesn’t sound quite right for you, or is outside of your budget a good option can be insulated blinds. These are again placed between the rafters in your roof. It won’t work quite as good as the new ceiling but would take the edge off the extremes.

We hope this brief overview was of some use to you, if you do have any questions about conservatory insulation, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we can run through all the options available to you.

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