Installing a Hot Tub in a Conservatory

We’ve had quite a few comments about this one, so thought we would devote a blog post all on it’s own to installing hot tubs in conservatories! Hurrrray!

Can you install a hot tub in a conservatory?

There is nothing really standing in your way, you would however need to ensure you have a good de-humidifier to protect the structure and walls of the conservatory and adequate ventilation. Hot tubs contain quite a few chemicals that can cause harm to paint work, furniture and plants.

What types of hot tub can I install?

Any! We’ve seen examples of people installing the hot tub system directly into the ground:

Conservatory Hot Tub

Using a standard upright unit:


And even inflatable units:


For all units you will need to ensure you have a waterproof power supply fitted, you will need to speak to a qualified electrician to ensure you are fully safe. For some of the larger units you may also need to check your flooring and foundations are adequete.

How much will it cost to run?

Running costs can vary, the normal figure being somewhere around £45 a month for the upkeep of chemicals and electricity costs. Hot tubs do keep a constant temperature of around 40 degrees, you will need to ensure your conservatory is fully insulated in order for the unit to be able to maintain it’s heat. – Also for your own comfort, you’ll be warm enough once you are in the hot tub, but when you get out…..brrrrrr.

Have you got a hot tub fitted in your conservatory?

If you do, we’d love to hear from you, send in your photos and we will feature them in a later blog!

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