Cracked Pipe or Crakpot

We were just finishing an installation in the Chiswick area when the home owner asked me if I could take a quick look at the drain pipe to their house.

Apparently they suspected it might be cracked about 3m from the ground but had no way to check and since I had a set of long steps………..Now I must point out that we do not repair house drain pipes, however I agreed to take a look and at least let them know what I could see.

The house in question is part of a terrace of houses and the pipe in question was very close to the boundary of next door. As I started up the steps, leaning around to try to examine the rear of the pipe, a very elderly lady from next door came out of her house and called up to me asking “what time is it please?”.

I answered her that it was a little after 4pm. She then screamed at me at the top of her voice – which was exceptionally loud,

“Good, then my solicitor will still be in his office and if you so much a put one finger on my property I will sue you!”

I assured here that I would in no way be interfering with her property and she went back into her house shaking her fist at me.

I reported the incident to the home owner and I commented that I guessed that she must be suffering from some kind of dementia.

“Not at all” said the home owner. “She is a sound as you or I”.

She really is just a nasty woman who will indeed sue you if she gets the least chance.

I think that their next investment should be a thermally insulated fence between them and their hot headed crackpot neighbour.

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