Conservatory Roof Insulation and the “Stag Do”.

Amazing. We had set up and were deep into the structural part of the installation when I had an odd feeling of being watched. I looked at where the covered door to the lounge was, but there was no one around.

I carried on, but still had the feeling that I was being watched.

Now that is not as odd a thing as you might think because quite often the customer has an understandable interest in what we are doing but they usually just ask if it is OK to watch, which of course it is.

They normally do not hide and watch in secret.

After a few minutes I needed to get down from the trestle and as I did so I realised who, or – more accurately – what was watching me.

In a field just beyond the small garden in which this conservatory was located, was a large field with a small group of trees. The field was bounded by a wire and post fence with some small trees planted at intervals along the fence line.

Standing behind one of the trees with it’s head bent round the tree (and it’s body not at all hidden) was a small deer. It seemed to be mesmerised by what I was doing.

I wondered if I could slowly and quietly go towards it and take a photo of it but as I went through the already open door it took of like a racing car. I never new that they could run so fast.

Within moments my latest conservatory roof insulation fan had disappeared into the woods.

The owner of the conservatory later told me that they often see deer in that field but that they had never seen one come right up to the fence before. Must be my magnetic personality.


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