Conservatory Ideas and Designs for an Inspired Space

Make the most out of your conservatory by designing it with your needs in mind. Did you know that with an insulated roof you can use your conservatory like any other room in your home? One of the main benefits of modern conservatories is their versatility. With the right design ideas, you can create a beautiful and functional space.

Insulate Your Conservatory Roof

At Rundle and Dorey, we know there is no reason to put up with fluctuating temperatures in your conservatory. That’s why we offer a permanent solution. We install conservatory roof insulation. Our Superquilt insulation is the permanent solution to temperature fluctuations, providing you with a space that can be enjoyed all year round.

Before you transform your conservatory space, it’s important you can use it all year round. Transform your conservatory today with our Superquilt insulation. Keep away the hot in the summer and the cold in the winter. Enjoy comfortable temperatures whatever the weather is doing outside.

Create Your Own Work-from-Home Space

Home office

Remote working is becoming increasingly popular. The freedom to have your own schedule and manage your own hours is something that suits many people. However, working remotely isn’t always a viable option if you don’t have a functional space to work from. So, why not transform your conservatory ideas into a home working office space?

Whether you simply need a desk to rest your laptop on or you want to go all out with fully-fitted office furniture, your conservatory is the perfect space. Working in your conservatory ensures you get plenty of natural light all day long, helping encourage productivity. However, we would advise fitting conservatory blinds that let in the light but don’t cause you to squint. When the weather’s nice, conservatories can get very bright!

Enjoy Family Meals in Your Dining Room

Dining room table

In the UK, many homes don’t have dining rooms because there simply isn’t enough space. However, an insulated conservatory provides the perfect space for a dining table and chairs. Now you can enjoy dinner around the table with family and friends, whatever the weather.

If you haven’t considered transforming your conservatory into a dining room, you’re missing a trick. Enjoy adding another functional room to your home without paying for an extension. Your conservatory has all the space you need.

Improve the Function of Your Home

Washing machine and dryer

For most people, having a utility room simply isn’t an option because there isn’t enough available space. It may not be the most designer-inspired idea on this list but transforming your conservatory into a utility room will transform your home. No longer will you fold washing at the kitchen table, instead you’ll have a dedicated space specifically for the task. Pinterest and Instagram are full of gorgeous design ideas, helping you create your dream utility space!

Extend Your Kitchen for a More Functional Space

Kitchen extension

Your kitchen should be a functional space that you can use easily. For many people, the kitchen is the heart of the home and the place they spend the most time. So, why not make it your property’s focal point?

By extending your kitchen into your conservatory, you can enjoy an even larger space. An extended kitchen is perfect for hosting large gatherings or having your whole family socialising in the kitchen while you cook dinner. By extending your kitchen into the conservatory, you can increase communal space and really make the most of your property!

Have a Designated Playroom

Toy shelf in playroom

Do you want to limit the toys and mess in your home? Why not change your conservatory into a designated playroom? Not only will this provide a safe space for your children to place and run around in, but it will also help confine the mess to one place.

Creating a conservatory style playroom is easy and doesn’t have to cost a penny. Of course, you can kit out the space with playmats, small shelving units, and more. But really all you need to do is move all your children’s toys into the conservatory and leave them to it. A playroom in your conservatory is a great way to use the space and will help you kids get some sun, even on rainy days.

The Ultimate Games Room


Who doesn’t enjoy a designated gaming space? Your conservatory is the perfect space to create the ultimate games room. Perfect for hanging out in, you can entertain your guests with a fantastic place to play all different kinds of games.

Store your boardgames on shelves, add a pool table and set-up the PlayStation. You could even consider adding your very own cinema screen! Having your very own games room is perfect for entertaining and a great way to spend a rainy day.

Our 3 Top Conservatory Designer Tips

We’ve put together a couple of our interior designer tips to help you transform your conservatory into a functional and beautiful space.

1. Decorate Your Conservatory with Light Colours

Blue paint on floor

Make your conservatory an effortless extension of your home by decorating with complimenting colours. The lighter the colours, the brighter your conservatory will seem. So, keep your conservatory looking great with light colours that keep that summer feeling going all year long.

2. Get Close to Nature with Pot Plants

Hanging plants and lights

Bring the outdoors in and make your conservatory seem like an extension of your garden space. One of the reasons conservatories are so poplar is because they provide a brilliant vantage point over your garden, helping you enjoy your outdoor space every day of the year. So, why not get closer to nature by adding some greenery to your garden room? Potted and hanging plants can help enhance your space, making it feel homely and natural.

3. Make Your Conservatory a Tranquil Space

Cup of tea and teapot

Create your very own sanctuary. If you want your conservatory to be a tranquil space where you can relax and unwind in, let this goal guide your décor choices. Choose natural colours, light furniture, and keep the room minimalist. By doing this, you will be able to enjoy a space that feels bright, open, and light – exactly what you need.

Do you want more ideas? Click here for some of the ways you can enjoy your space further.

Why not share in the comments how you’ve been using your conservatory? We’d love to hear how you’ve transformed your space and perhaps you can share some of your design secrets with us!

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