7 Beautiful Conservatories Ideas

It’s not always about conservatory insulation over here at Rundle & Dorey Towers, we do adore conservatories. The extra space they add to a house, the extra value, and the wonderful flexibility they have to transform into wonderful new spaces. Everybody has a slightly different take on styling and decorating their own.

Here are our recent top 7 conservatories!

The succulents conservatory


This beautiful conservatory is from garden pics & tips. A beautiful botanical, gothic style conservatory.

Beautiful Dining under the Stars


This conservatory is from ‘Beautiful Foundations’ Packed full of beautiful flowers and a simple home made light system made out of string makes it the most perfect place for an evening meal. (When correctly insulated of course! 😉 )

Vintage Outside Inside

fairytale conservatory

Another breathtaking conservatory, taking common wicker and garden furniture and further embellishing to something epic! A wonderful merge of the inside and the outside.

The Bathroom Conservatory

bathroom conservatory

We don’t come across that many bath tubs inside conservatories – and we see a LOT of conservatories! This one is absolutely beautiful! Again, you’d want to ensure it was fully insulated to make the most out of it in the evening! But imagine bathing under the stars!…Luxury!

The Pool Conservatory

pool conservatory

Okay, this one may be stretching the term ‘conservatory’ but we couldn’t resist! We’ve had a few comments about people wanting to put pools and hot tubs in their conservatory, this is the most beautiful we could find!

The Hippy Conservatory

hippy conservatory

This conservatory is pure comfort! It also looks fully insulated so it’s a two thumbs up from us!

Lush Botanical Dining

lush dining conservatory

We’ll end with another botanical style conservatory, this one more geared up for entertaining quite a few quests at once! Absolutely beautiful! But remember with putting all these plants into your conservatory that you do need insulation. You don’t want to burn or freeze the poor little chaps!


  • Sue says:

    I’ll take one of the pool conservatories please. Do you offer conservatory installation services prior to insulation? 🙂

    • Rundle & Dorey says:

      You’d need quite a big house for that one! Probably an even bigger garden! Would you have it as a pool or a pond?