5 Ways to Enjoy your Conservatory after Installing Insulation

It’s a story we hear quite a lot. “After getting my conservatory installed, we never really use it”

After the excitement of a whole new wing added to your home has died down and you have basked in the glory of how much it has added to the price of your property, the poor old conservatory tends to get it’s doors shut and forgotten about.

“We’d use it in summer if it wasn’t so damn hot” or “It’s freezing in winter” Are the most common complaints. Of course you know we can help you out there with our conservatory insulation solutions, but this isn’t the purpose of this blog posting.

This blog posting is dedicated to new ways to celebrate the rebirth of your conservatory. After the insulation has been installed the temperature will no longer be a problem, you can enjoy any time of the year!

Here are a few ideas…

Extra Conservatory Living Room

Conservatory Living Room
This makes perfect sense and is one of the easiest to get up and running with. A few comfy chairs, maybe a sofa, a TV and you are sorted! Ideal for families who have differing ideas on what to watch on a Saturday night. The extra space is also wonderful at Christmas and other events held at your house to keep certain people apart!

A Conservatory Office

Conservatory Office
Do you work from home? If so this one is a no brainer. Imagine working basking in glorious healthy sunlight?! You can be isolated from the rest of the house with no distractions and just crack right on with your work. We have clients who have even had telephone extensions installed.

Garden Conservatory Wonderland

Conservatory Garden
Fancy yourself as a gardener but are scared of slugs and birds destroying your precious crops? Worry no more. A conservatory once insulated from harsh winters and baking summers is a perfect environment to grow plants and fruit you never before thought possible in the UK! (Maybe not banana plants!)

A Conservatory Gym

Conservatory Gym
Let us guess…you didn’t stick with the gym membership? Don’t worry we didn’t either! Why not set your own up? You may struggle fitting in a steam room, sauna and pool but you can certainly enjoy a running machine or cross trainer surrounded by the beautiful views of your garden. And a massive plus is the extra privacy..nobody can see you sweat!

A Conservatory Man Cave

Conservatory Man Cave
Every mans dream is to have their own room or man-cave. Filled full of old vinyl, games consoles, comfy seats and wires that don’t seem to do anything! It may be a bit of a hardsell to the rest of the family but if you can swing it, its a wonderful new lease of life for a conservatory…and so beautiful at night with all those LCD’s reflecting off the glass!

Have you any more ideas?

Whilst putting together this article we’ve thought of hundreds more but will save them for a later blog post..lucky you!


  • Phil says:

    I’d love a man cave! Can’t see the wife agreeing though! Even though the conservatory now is lovely and warm at night!

  • Sue says:

    In my first ever job as an estate agent my boss invited me back to his house for a party. He had the most beautiful conservatory I had ever seen, what made it spectacular was that he had a waterfall and a river running through it! I kid you not! It was absolutely beautiful!

  • Janice says:

    Conservatory Hot tub? Surely somebody has done this?