5 Reasons to have Conservatory Roof Insulation Fitted

1) Avoid your conservatory turning into a furnace in summer

On the few beautiful days that we do get over in the UK, it’s a shame that the conservatory doors once again get shut off. In the height of summer temperatures in an uninsulated conservatory can rise as high as 42 degrees! That’s similar temperatures to death valley!

After having insulation installed, your conservatory will be cooler, without sacrificing too much sunlight, allowing you to sit back and enjoy the best of summer.

2) Avoid your conservatory turning into a freezer in winter

As soon as November comes around many people abandon their new glorious addition to their property. The whole structure becomes an ice chamber, plants die, surfaces become too cold to touch. We’ve even heard some stories of ice forming!

It’s such a shame to waste such a beautiful new space. After you get your conservatory insultion fitted it can be wonderful again. Winter nights in a nice stable temperature, candles reflecting off the dark glass, a glass of red wine… gorgeous… something you don’t want to miss out on!

3) Keeps your energy costs down

For those that do try to keep their conservatory in use throughout the winter months, yet don’t have sufficient insulation fitted, many turn to electric heaters. These, as I’m sure you are aware, are energy hounds! Save yourself a small fortune in the long run by getting your conservatory insulated!

4) Keeps the noise down

Have you been in a conservatory during a rainstorm? If you have you’ll know about it! A small downpour can sound like an Amazonian torrent! Conservatory roof insulation can shield you from a great deal of this rackety noise!

5) Elongates the life of your conservatory

Without sufficient insulation, most conservatory tends to form mould and condensation, which we all know is extremely bad news for any structure!


  • Sue says:

    I wish our conservatory looked as clean at that top photo. That man there is a man of internal calm.

    • Rundle & Dorey says:

      You’re right, he does look rather chilled doesn’t he! Also I’ve never seen such a clean white carpet, wouldn’t stay like that in our conservatory!